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Electrical And electronics Engineering

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Electrical And electronics Engineering



Message From Head Of Department

The Electrical and Electronics Department at Wumingu Technical and Vocational College is dedicated to providing students with the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in the electrical and electronics industry. The department offers a variety of programs, including certificates and diplomas, in areas such as electrical installation and Mechatronics Engineering.

The department has a team of experienced and qualified instructors who are committed to providing students with a high-quality education. The instructors use a hands-on approach to teaching, which allows students to apply the concepts they have learned in the classroom to real-world situations. The department also has state-of-the-art facilities, including electrical, mechatronics and electronics workshop, that provide students with the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in a variety of areas.

In addition to the department's academic programs, the department also offers a number of extracurricular activities and clubs that allow students to explore their interests and develop their skills. These include robotics club and electronics club. These activities provide students with the opportunity to work on projects and compete in competitions, which can help them to develop their skills and gain valuable experience.